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Reduce your development cost by having us develop your product including initial designs, proof of concept and production prototypes.

We achieve this by blending best of both worlds of inshoring and offshoring to small and medium businesses. Operating as our customer's local extended team with access to offshore resources we help free customer to focus on critical tasks beyond engineering development.


Our Company

We are a group of passionate technologists, strategists and dreamers. From a simple outline of your product we will work with you to produce complete designs of your products idea and follow up to build a production ready prototypes with high quality, cost optimized design. Further we can help with initial product manufacturing and support at a very low cost overhead and give you time to build your own dedicated local team once you are comfortable and product has captured market pulse. Contact us today for a proposal customized to your needs for free !



Projects Done
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We completed or associated with multiple customers for solving their critical development problems

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Our clients include automotive, insurance and medical companies who are focused on different industry verticals and solving multi faceted problems.

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We operate or have clients in many countries. We are a small team but with our partner ecosystem we do great things.


How a premier tire maker leapfrogged road safety initiatives

SafeDrive is one of a kind Road Safety platform designed for dangerous Indian roads. Discover how a $3B tire manufacturer showcase their commitment to cause of Road safety!

How we work

Unique engagement model
tailored to clients

Identify core
business problem.
Design focused
technical solution.
Customer centric
development process
Insights oriented
Test and Validation
for future reference
Close Project
Core focus areas

We work on emerging
technologies development


Internet of Things

Business success is bolstered by data-driven decisions. From building sensor networks to creating advance data analytics engines, we provide solutions tailored to provide actionable intelligence for your business. From the initial design concept to field testing and performance optimization, we work with you in every step to bring your vision to life.


Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Hailed as the next transformative technology, artificial intelligence is building its footprint across industries like what computing did decades ago. At MindSpace, we harness artificial intelligence systems combined with computer vision to produce cutting-edge use cases that transform how business is done. Many compelling business routine tasks may become just a simple AI based automation freeing staff to focus on your core business.


Enterprise Cloud

Cloud technologies is the major driver of modern software systems in enterprises. We can build specific cloud infrasture on Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS cloud to save you costs and development hazzles with our managed cloud solutions services. Talk to us today for a customized service estimate for your company for free !


Cognitive Automation

Robots are going to take over the world someday! But that day defenitely far away atleast for now. However Robots can assist us at work by doing boring and repetitive tasks for us and freeing us to more human intelligence involved functions. We offer customized process automation with a focus on cognitive systems built using artificial intelligence.


Device Firmware

Firmware used to be an engineering discipline that was ignored for the most part for a while. However, with the emergence of the Internet of Things, Intelligent edge computing, wearables, and more devices per person, the firmware is now the centerpiece of any product. ElsysLabs boasts of having the best minds for firmware development you can find in the industry.


Electronics Hardware

Customer experience becomes simpler and more engaging with the voice-based interface. Be it your website, mobile app we can help revamp how you connect with customers with conversational voice and text services and leverage millions of voice agent install base making it easier for customers to connect with your business. We offer integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomePod or your choice of voice interface.


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