Electronics Hardware

ElsysLabs has extensive hardware development expertise. We can develop analog and digital circuitry, prototype and develop PCB electronics for consumer products, Internet of Things, Intelligent edge devices, battery systems, low power radio and sensor networks and so on

Creating new hardware products is always hard. At ElsysLabs we help our customers develop hardware products at low cost and on budget. Our development cycle starts with identifying the requirements of the customer. Once we have a working specification we iterate and finding circuitry solutions to customer needs by bread boarding multiple designs. Once we verify the working schematic in our labs, we will prototype and test the circuitry for all critical requirements. We can develop circuitry for sensor applications in many industries, prototype, and engineer electronic systems for many applications including the Internet of Things, sensor networks, short-range radio networks like LoRa, develop efficient control systems for industrial, automotive applications.

Hardware Development

We can develop electronics for a lot of scenarios

  • Circuitry and Component Selection
  • Schematics and PCB design
  • Prototype and Manufacturing design

Hardware Manufacturing

We will help with transferring designs to manufacturing

  • Bill of Materials Optimization
  • DFM and Volume Manufacturing
  • Automated Test tools

Specialty Engineering

We can tailor our services for specific industries

  • Mechanical design and prototyping
  • Motion and Robotics Development
  • Optical Systems Development