Internet of Things

Internet of Things is our core focus area. We are poised to help our customers drive their solutions to market faster and on budget with end to end product development services.

Being one of our core focus domains, we understand the complexity of building great products and solutions in internet of things industry. We have developed our skills to be highly inter diciplinary and understand the different drivers that are required for building great internet of things solutions.

We can help you evaluate an potential opportunities where your business may benefits from adopting internet of things technologies. We can create multiple scenarios for implementation and offer insights on best coourse to maximize your returns. We can design, develop and build end to end IoT implementations tailored for your needs by working with your team and pilot these solutions for you. We can also scale such systems to provide you with high value with our end to end services.

Opportunity Recognition

We will evaluate and research best case IoT implementations for your specific issues

  • Ideation Interviews
  • Definition and Design
  • Architecture and Technology Stack

Techno-Business Support

We can help to figure out how to position your IoT implementation within your business

  • Service Model Design
  • Monetization Models
  • Provisioning and Calibration

Product Development

We can develop, deploy and scale end to end product or solutions for your team

  • Hardware Development
  • Firmware Development
  • Data Visialization Tools