Enterprise Cloud

Our Cloud services provide our customers with an affordable path toward digital transformation. Our services are focused on small and medium businesses that like to take advantage of cloud technologies for the ongoing digital and IT infrastructure. We can provide Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS cloud services, development and deployment

We engage with our customers at various phases of their cloud migration journey although we recommend that engaging early on is better than later engagements. We start by customer interviews to develop a plan and strategy keeping in mind the specific needs of our customers. Then we will review potential cost savings and ensure business goals are met. Once our plans are approved by the customer we start with actual migration to the cloud. Following migration to the cloud, we ensure all functionalities are working as expected and perform a 24/7 monitoring phase. Once all systems are transferred to the cloud we will perform security checks and optimizations that may be possible.

Cloud - Planning and Strategy

We help our customers develop a cloud strategy and migration plans

  • Migration Assessment
  • Cost Analysis
  • Business Goals Analysis

Cloud - Migrate and Transform

We provide custom development and perform migration operations to clients

  • Application and Database Migration
  • Platform Migration
  • Cloud Database Migration

Cloud - Stabilize and Monitor

We help monitor the cloud post the migration and monitor all functionalities

  • 24/7 Service Management
  • Security and Monitoring
  • Cloud Optimization