Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial Intelligence is the most talked-about technology in recent times. At ElsysLabs we work on some of the very interesting problems around AI in small devices, computer vision systems, and intelligent edge devices.

We are comfortable with building, training, optimizing custom deep learning systems in many platforms like Keras, tensor flow, Azure ML kit and the like. We also have experience in Open CV. We are also mindful of the pitfalls of AI systems including bias and help our customer's design systems that work a desired for their needs.

Machine Learning

We can mine data and use it to create machine learning models and systems

  • Enterprise Chatbots
  • Statistical Modelling and Simulations
  • Algorithm Development

Deep Learning Systems

We help our customers navigating the complexities of integrating deep learning models

  • Production grade AI in loop systems
  • Train and Test DNN for specific applications
  • Computer vision systems

Intelligent Edge Devices

We can develop on-device deep learning processing

  • AI on small processors
  • Azure AI development
  • Alexa voice applications