Device Firmware

ElsysLabs offers embedded firmware development services for many device families, sensors, data interfaces for various industry applications. ElsysLabs can provide end to end design and development of device firmware for your products and partner early on in your product design phase.

With multiple processor platforms, multiple sensors, actuators, and interfaces it is a daunting task even for the best engineers when it comes to making the best suitable design decisions for their product. We can research, prototype and find you a few options that work for your specific needs, make skeleton firmware to get basic systems working as you develop your hardware. We can also design custom firmware to support production-level automated testing and calibration. We could also help with developing sensor interface libraries for specific sensors your system will need.

Core Firmware Development

We can develop firmware for multiple platforms, vendors, architectures

  • Bare-metal, RTOS, BIOS systems
  • ARM and x86/x64 architectures
  • Battery-free, low resource, tiny systems

Interfacing and Connectivity

Be it any interface or sensor we can help interface it

  • I2C, SPI, RS232, RS485
  • USB, WiFi, LAN, Bluetooth
  • LoRa, GSM, 4G, 2.4G, 900MHz

Systems Engineering

We can help with the development of firmware for many types of systems

  • Intelligent Systems
  • Power Management
  • Control Systems