Connected Car Platform

MindSpace team helped build an IOT sensor platform to detect accidents and inform a central command center for speedy dispatch of first responders to the location. The product SafeDrive works with most cars and does not need OBD port. A one touch assistance button enables users to calling in help in critical situations.

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India is blessed with one of the largest network of roads in this world, next to USA and China. About 4 million kilometers carrying over 80 million vehicles every day. With such high number of vehicles and poor traffic systems a staggering high number of road accident happen in India, highest in the world. Many factors like poor roads, lack of systematic road safety management and emergency preparedness , poor safety standards, lax laws and so on contribute to this.

Solution and Technology

The team at Raksha, we have developed a IOT crash sensor technology that is connected. Titled as SafeDrive, the product is a device which is a mobile internet enabled console that is mounted in the vechile. Once mounted, this device detects if the vehicle gets into an accident and automatically transmits distress messages with GPS location information to a central emergency dispatch office. The device also identifies the vehicle and informs pre-programmed emergency contacts of the accident victim. The accident and location information is passed to local emergency providers from the central office in real time to provide immediate help to the victims.

Closing Thoughts

Raksha SafeDrive was widely covered by the media, and was able to successfuly crowd fund their product on kickstarter and later launch the product in the market. Their journey continues with a vision to usher in a new era of automotive safety and emergency assistance on Indian roads.